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As I began to be interested in music at a very young age, I realized that the influence of music on every part of daily life and the influence of music on the image affects me more than just being a musician. Making compositions for the images on TV became a game I’ve created on my own to understand the effect of music on the motion.
I am constantly recording all the melodies that come to my mind in my daily life, developing them and creating a large database based on themes. And then, by changing the timbres of these themes, I am determining how to be more impressive, memorable and interesting.  
Over time, the images have been replaced by people – events – stories.  That’s why I call it“I have a story, where the stories are turned into music”
People in my music, Rutger (trumpet), Nikos (oud), Daniel (bass) and Jacobus (percussion), they all represent different characters with the instruments they play.
Barbaros Bozkir is a Turkish musician who makes Ethnic/Cinematic music. Inspired by  Peter Gabriel’s words: At the heart, it is world music that I do. It’s all connections. Ultimately, we’re all connectedhe composes his themes-based music with ethnic tunes. Above all, the analog timbres are indispensable in his compositions. 


Filiz Alkoyak
+31 615 167 449